Research and Development

Safe'nsec HIPS & Anti-Spyware- Priviledge Escalation

I. Backround
" Safe'n'Sec is complex data and user applications protection against threats and vulnerabilities for individual PC as well as workstations in corporate networks. The program uses proactive technology based on activity analysis in user PC. "

Title : Safe'nVulnerable
Ref : TZO-062006 - Safensec

II. Vulnerable versions :
- Safe'nSec Personal + Antispyware v2.0 and older
- Probably the other versions of Safe'nSec

III. Description :
Multiple Insecure File execution and Autostart handling.

During Startup, snsmcon.exe spawns the GUI process named safensec.exe through the use of CreateProcess() . By doing so it omits to set the variable'lpApplicationName' and further omits to quote the path in the variable "lpCommandLine" Ref [1]

This results in c:\program.bat|exe|com being called prior to Safensec.exe and allows automatic startup of a potentially rogue application. In particular one could imagine a scenario where it is possible to escalate
rights using this (as they are inherited from snsmcon.exe).


During Autostartup, Safe'nSec omits the quotes around the path to the executable and as such may spawn a rogue application instead of the appropriate Starforce application.


During Installation :
During installion the routines spawns a process and omits the quotes around the path, thus executing c:\program.exe (here calc.exe)


I reported this to starforce on the 15/02/2006 as there has been no feedback I decided to publish this low-impact "vulnerabilty".Update: Starforce quickly fixed the issues after the diclosure.

IV. Summary

Vendor contact : 15/02/2006
Vendor Response : None

Public Disclosure : 20/02/2006
Vendor Fix : 21/02/2006


V. Download


[2] Only a real issue in Windows 2000, WinXP restricted users don't have the right to write to c:\